Wednesday, May 30, 2012

50 Days of Hope by Lynn Eib

The small pocket sized  book 50 Days of Hope by Lynn Eib may appear to be yet another simple, spiritually devoid women's devotional, yet it delivers  50 powerful and encouraging messages for those who are inflicted with cancer.  This thin, leather-like green pocket sized book gives the appearance of being yet another devotional in  a market already saturated with lukewarm, petty women's devotionals. Unexpectedly this book delivers spiritual strength and insight.  Using personal anecdotes of her cancer experience, real stories from cancer survivors and scripture- this book offers support for those who need it most.  In fact, anyone going through a difficult experience would benefirt from this book.  The scripturechoices are relevant.

The author, a mom of young children, finds herself diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, despite her healthy lifestyle- which had been a source of pride. In fact, she admits living an easy, happy life up until the cancer diagnosis.  She finds herself humbled, angered and shocked by her diagnosis.  On a number of occasions, the author illustrates how she took care of her body through diet and excersise- and statistically, should have been "protected" from cancer. This serves to emphasise the point that sometimes things happen that we do not cause.   She felt angry and that it was unfair she should take care of her health only to learn she got cancer anyway.  She goes through a range of powerful emotions: fear, anger, anxiety, hopelessness and uncertainty.  Her entire family is impacted by the diagnosis.  Through her journey, she learns to have faith in God, and that just because God is just and fair, it does not mean life always is.  Beating and overcomming cancer is not defined by living cancer free for 5 or more years but by how one live's life. 

Over the course of 50 days, the author shares with the reader short anecdotes and scripture to help cope with the personal, medical, emotional and physical experieces associated with cancer. Each devotional is breif yet spiritually powerful- it gets right to the point. Many of the devotionals are worth while to re-read.   The stories featured are positive stories- not grim and gloomy, in order to inspire hope even under the most grim of diagnosises.  The end of the book has  a  brief "reference" area of helpful Psalms and scriptures.  During a time when many would find themselevs emotionally and physically drained, this small scale, easy to read book is appropriate, rather than a heavy duty volume.  As a blogger for Tyndale publishers I received this book for the purpose of writing a review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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