Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Still Care About Israel by Sandra Teplinsky

The her new book, Why Still Care About Israel the author, Sandra Teplinsky writes from the unique perspective with a professional background working as an attorney as well as a her strong spiritual faith in God. Grounded in history, and with faith, as well as objectivity and compassion, she covers a highly controversial and volatile topic: Israel. This area of study encompasses not only the study of history and religion, but politics as well.  While the most obvious readership of this book are those who have a particular academic or spiritual interest in Israel, all readers may learn unexpected yet, important lessons about faith as well as history.  The author even challenges those readers who feel Israel to be irrelevant to their faith, or secular readers who are simply confused about Israel's role in world politics, to read with an open mind.  This revised edition reflects new political developments that occurred since the first edition in 2003. Teplinsky asserts that Israel has an important role in the unfolding of prophesy in these modern times as well as in the future.  Furthermore, the author claims that how the individual perceives Israel and its people, serves as a litmus test for their faith.

This extensive book is almost like an entire course or curriculum on Israel and its role in politics, history and biblical prophesy.  The reader is introduced to the geography, history and Hebrew terminology and current events about Arab/ Palestine- Israeli conflict.  The book systematically covers the significance of Israel starting with the old testament, and the concept of covenants and even Christian history. This book is deep into theology as well as apologetics- requiring the reader to follow along carefully.  Paul's letters of the new testament concerning the Jewish people are interpreted in light of modern day Israel.  Although written for the layman, this book requires a serious commitment and is not a quick read for the casual reader.  This hybrid book is part documentary and part theology and will appeal to those readers looking for extensive information about the topic of Israel.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Chosen publishers, a division of Baker Publishing Group, for the purpose of writing this review.

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