Monday, September 16, 2013

His Treasure by Sheri Rose Shepherd

His Treasure- Gems of Love from Your King From by Sheri Rose Shepherd, is a beautiful pocket sized devotional book for women. This full color devotional features beautiful, vintage themed graphics on each page.  This small book contains short daily readings, written as letters from God, to the reader.  Each entry is addressed as a personal love letter with an endearing salutation, "My Beloved Daughter, My Precious Girl, My Daughter, My Child, My beloved", etc.  Written in a similar style to Sarah Young's best selling Jesus Calling, devotional, each entry is written from the first person point of view from the Lord himself, to the reader.  Any reader who enjoyed the devotional genre started by Young's book, will enjoy Shepherd's new devotional which is specifically aimed at women. 

This inviting little book features a quick "letter' based on a theme with a supporting scriptural passage and "Treasure of Truth".  Quaint antique styled graphics highlight a memory verse or Treasure of Truth tid bit. The beauty of this devotional will make any reader want to read this devotional.  In fact, I can imagine this book earning a treasured place on a bed side or vanity table or even a desk or purse. The quick passages will make this book easy to fit in any fast paced lifestyle.  This book is the perfect way to start a morning prayer time with God.  This book is a wonderful way to ease the reader into spiritual truths of the bible in a personal, relevant way.  This book teaches about faith, hope, time for God, prayer.  This book aims at boosting the self esteem and value of its reader with building up the reader and empowering her with vivid, positive affirmations throughout.  Not only is this book a perfect fashion accessory as well as a spiritual tool. And for those who want to really dig deep into the spiritual message, they will find this book scripturally correct as well.  For example, one entry for the day states that God's love is unconditional, but God's promises are not.  This bit of truth may take a few minutes to digest as it is unexpected, yet true to the word of God.  This author is uncompromising in sharing truth which is rare in this day of watered down Christianity.  This book makes a perfect gift for a friend, sister, daughter or any special person.

As a blogger I received this book published by Tyndale Momentum- an imprint of Tyndale publishers for the purpose of writing this review.

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