Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NIV Pink Bible

The NIV Pink bible- is a newly themed bible for Breast Cancer awareness.  The box that contains the bible depicts a small picture of a  pink breast cancer ribbon and a sub title- a message "An Invitation To Hope".  This edition of the bible is produced in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.   Other than that, once you slide the bible out of the box, there isn't much that stands out visually, other than the graphics on the removable dust jacket- to specifically indicate that this is a breast cancer bible. The binding features a flexible hot pink Zondervan trademarked "Italian Duo-Tone" cover.  The small lightweight size, and larger sized text makes this a perfect choice to carry in a purse. The attractive pink cover and contrast stitching and details make this bible a perfect fashion accessory as well.  Yet I would have liked to have seen at least a pink ribbon graphic on the cover to indicate that this is a breast cancer awareness bible. If you removed the 8 glossy inserts, there would be nothing whatsoever to distinguish this bible from any other modern, compact bible.  This subtle, unassuming bible features the new revised, gender inclusive 2011 NIV bible text.  Mixed throughout the text are eight pages of devotionals or prayers to encourage those women who are going through breast cancer. 

The text is easy to read, and standard with bold chapter titles. There are no graphics or other visual elements other than the eight glossy pages of supplemental readings, title presentation page and fore ward. This is not a study bible as it lacks even the basic chapter introductions or maps that even many minimalist bibles have. This makes sense as those who are dealing with breast cancer need just one thing- to jump into the word of God without any extraneous information. The minimalist approach for this breast cancer bible is the most appropriate way to handle such a painful and difficult disease such as cancer. The devotional pages are encouraging and get right to the point addressing the grief, suffering and day to day experience of cancer.

 Yet- one of the suggestions in the devotionals I found to be a bit too cliché, such as the devotional theme "Asking For Help".  I know for a fact that not all women with cancer have the ability to count on friends and family for help.  Just because you get a cancer diagnosis does not mean friends and family will pop out of the woodwork- if you didn't have any in the first place.  All too many well meaning counselors and writers seem to assume or take it for granted that when a woman is diagnosed with cancer that there are many willing helping hands ready and willing to help that just pop out of the woodwork.  I know for a fact that this is not always true as I have a sister diagnosed with cancer who has no family or friends nearby who can help her.  Due to her health insurance constraints she can not relocate.  She begs for help, but living 4000 miles away, completely on her own and with such severe financial constraints makes it such that she must depend on herself to do everyday tasks and to be her own advocate at doctor appointments.  When she is tired, physically and emotionally there literally is NO ONE to offer help.  She drives herself to day long chemotherapy treatments.  In my opinion, this advice might simply serve to highlight her sense of isolation. It would have been better if the article also listed 800 numbers for cancer resources or volunteer networks willing to lend a hand for those who find themselves short on support.

This is a high quality standard bible that looks sturdy enough to stand up to daily use.   Overall, I would neither endorse this bible, not reject it.  I don't have any strong opinions about this bible either way. I feel that this bible gives a minimalist, clean, contemporary feel- nothing to distract the reader from the word of God.  it is good to see acknowledgement for breast cancer- I just would feel a more bold approach visually would improve this bible.  Also a directory of cancer resources- phone numbers and web sites for cancer services would have made this bible an even better choice for those with breast cancer. As a blogger I received this bible published by Zondervan for the purpose of writing this review.

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