Monday, September 23, 2013

The Spirit of Python by Jentezen Franklin

The Spirit of Python by Jentezen Franklin prepares the reader for the invisible, spiritual battle with Satan.  The concept of the "Spirit of Python" refers to the tactic of the devil to squeeze the life or Holy Spirit, out of each and every believer.  In other words, if Satan can not stop you from believing the good news and being born again in the first place, he has an evil  "plan B"  in which Satan will attempt to squeeze the spirit filled life out of you- in essence making you miserable and ineffective as a Christian. This empowering book has the ability to give even the most apathetic of readers, a renewed faith and energy.  What a wonderfully accurate analogy to describe Satan's tactic to that of a Python that slowly squeezes breath and life out of its victim. While there are so many writers that attempt to describe spiritual warfare in a passive academic way, this author presents a new twist in explaining spiritual warfare and literally shows its impact in the reader's life. 

Spiritually this book is uplifting and eye opening.  Practically it addresses common issues effectively.  For example, spiritual dryness and the lack of willingness to pray- are also "python" styled tactics of the devil.  Simply the sense that we have a million things to do or worry about- with no time to pray- is a tactic of the devil!  And Franklin's effective response is genius in its simplicity.  Write down everything that occupies your mind, everything causing you to worry or be too busy.  Write each and every thing down on a sheet of paper- then when you finish the list, thank Satan for reminding you of these things then move on and pray to God! Its simple, yet effective nonetheless in redirecting one's worries to something more spiritually fruitful.  The author provides a lot of insight into circumstances that many readers might never consider, such as the importance of one's environment or spiritual atmosphere. Idea of atmosphere has multiple meanings when it refers not only to the physical environment or location, but also the world we live in and the air we breath- Satan's sphere of influence through deception, brainwashing, society and media.  He also covers the different types of evil spirits or demons, based on their style of torment. As a Charismatic Christian writer, Franklin believes in literal spiritual gifts such as healing and the reality of demonic possession as he describes true incidents from his own life experiences.  To his credit he does acknowledge that many mainstream readers may find these stories difficult to believe- nevertheless Jentezrn does not apologize or compromise on his faith.  He does not water down his message or tone down the anecdotes he shares in his book for the sake of those who may scoff.  He writes with credibility and authority and uses scripture to back up the validity of his message. 

The author gives a brief history on the origin of sin and Satan and how it relates to the deception and tactics of Satan we find that confront us.  This background information gives the reader a complete and comprehensive view on the subject of sin and evil, in general as well as the particulars of Satan and his Python-like strategies to choke the life out of us. I believe every reader will be able to understand and relate to this book.  I feel that every Christian can benefit and find renewal through this book as the author illustrates how Satan's python styled tactics interfere in every believer's life.  As a blogger for the Booketeria I received this book published by Charisma House for the purpose of writing this review.

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