Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't Miss the Boat by Paul Taylor

Don't Miss the Boat: Facts to Keep Your Faith Afloat by Paul Taylor is a much needed book for today's generation.  Part documentary and part creationism text- book, this hybrid book packages science and faith in a scholarly and easy to read format. This book is like a course in evolutionary theory and how it relates to creationism.  This book separates the facts from the myth when it comes to creationism and the worldwide flood.  As the author mentions in the introduction, the account of the flood has been downgraded to a fairy tale, and at best, an allegorical story. Even Christian churches are disowning that creation account in favor of evolution- claiming that many bible stories are not literal but symbolic only.  Taylor's book lends credibility to the flood narrative as well as the bible account of creation.  He also addresses the issue of false teaching and false accounts such as the apocryphral writing which have served to confuse many.  Overall, the author gives more credibility weight to the bible in a society that has diminished the bible.  This essential guidebook to deciphering and explaining the book of Genesis and the account of the flood is an eye opening book for any reader.

This comprehensive text covers sociological, historical as well as scientific aspects of the flood account in the bible.  The author draws on archeological as well as historical accounts and commentaries.  By covering these areas- greater weight is given in favor of the flood.  This book can effectively serve as an apologetic tool in the defense of flood and biblical creation.  Paul Taylor draws heavily on scripture- not only the account from the flood in Genesis, but any reference found in the new as well as old testament that pertains to the flood.  In fact he relates the time period before the flood in Noah's day to what the world will be like prior to Jesus' return.  This powerful analogy drives home the significance of faith in the word of God as well as the significance of living one's life and world view. 

Many readers have many questions after reading the accounts of creation and the flood in Genesis.  Each and any question is addressed by Taylor from a scientific, archeological and sociological viewpoint to give the reader a complete and well rounded explanation.  Each verse is dissected and explained. He provides realistic building plans of the design of ark itself as well as a scientific explanation of the flood describing plate tectonics, radiometric dating, the ice age and the theories of Pangaea.  Science students as well as sociology students will find satisfying explanations.  Fossil evidence and how it supports the worldwide flood is covered. There is sufficient scientific background provided to satisfy any science, geology or anthropology student or educator.
In contrast to other sensational tabloid styled books, the tastefully simple cover photo, depicting the underside of a boat in deep ocean waters, appears to today's logical, common sense readers.  He anticipates and addresses ever possible objection or argument that could be presented against the
biblical account of the flood and creation. Diagrams, illustrations and charts are included to supplement some of the material.  There are diagrams of the continental rift zone, fossil timelines, ark design, and carbon dating.  There are a few photographs of fossils and a few other graphics. If there was ever a faith building book printed in this modern day- this is it.  I would be great if a copy of this book was available in every public school and college. This book is educational for readers of all ages: students and adults alike in all academic disciplines.  The only improvement that could be made with this book is if it were published in full color, with full color photographs and charts on glossy pages.  Publishing this book as a text might add greater credibility and acceptance in the public school market. Nevertheless, this book is published as a black and white trade paperback, which makes it more available and cost effective for the mass market. As a blogger for New Leaf publishers, I received a copy of this book published by Masterbooks, an imprint of NLP for the purpose of writing this review. 

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