Friday, October 29, 2010

Truth that Sticks by Avery T. Willis JR. and Mark Snowden

Avery T. Willis JR and Mark Snowden's book, Truth that Sticks: How to Communicate Velcro Truth in a Teflon World, is a sobering wake up call, highlighting the reality of illiteracy and inattentiveness in modern society.  This book, although intended for church leaders and pastors as an aid in disseminating information about the gosepl message to parishiners and the unchurched masses, provides useful and applicable information to the layman or professional as well.  The information and strategies for disseminating essential information is novel and unique ways need not only be applied to a church, but in any educational or professional areana as well.

The rate of adults competant in literacy in today's modern society is suprisingly low.  According to statistics, most adults have not even read a fiction novel within the past year! Furthermore, the average adult is apparently inacapable of reading a text book or  a piece of literature.  It seems that anything above the reading level of a Sports Illustrated article, The National Enquirer, or a Glamour magazine article is above and beyond tha abilities and attention span of the average American adult!!! While I am sure that it was not the intended purpose of the book, after reading this, I was left feeling quite discouraged and disheartened.  The statistics of illiteracy were an overwhelming wake up call- so much so- that the remainder of the book, was somewhat oversshadowed by the sobering reality of how isolated any literate reader actually is.  Today's society in bombarded with visual, hands on material and special effects that people do not have the attention spans or reading skills for anything that requires their brain cells to be put to work. 

Nevertheless, this book is very useful as there is no sense in denying the new reality. It is therefore more produtive to work with it and not against it, using new techniques that prove to be effective in disseminating knowledge or truth in a world that either rejects or can not absorb  written communication methods.  As a blogger for Navpress publishers I recieved this book for the purposes of writing a review.  The opnions expressed are my own.

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