Friday, October 22, 2010

My Creation Bible by Ken Ham

As a blogger for New Leaf publishers I had the opportunity to review the illustrated board book, My Creation Bible by Ken Ham.  Although the word "Bible" is in the title, perhaps a more accurate title would be: "My Creation Story" because the word Bible seems to imply a more complete, children's version of a bible, while this particular book is a brief story about creation. Nevertheless, this unique book was a pleasure to read as well as informative- blending both facts of creation with the bible story as told by the book of Genesis.

The text of this story perfectly covers the basics of the bible's purpose, as well as the Genesis account of creation, the flood and the tower of babel.  The simple cartoon illustrations are just as informative as the text!  For example, illustrations go along with the text, depicting the flying creatures and sea creatures made by God on day five.  Not only are traditional common birds depicted in the illustrations but the extinct Archaeopteryx is depicted as well.  Furthermore, when the creatures of the sea are illustrated, prehistoric sea creatures are depicted side by side, with modern day sea life.  As for land animals, extinct dinosaures are depicted along side modern day mammals. Regrettably, it seems that the "Loch Ness" monster look-a-like does not make it into the ark and is apparently left behind- based on the illustration.

As the animals exit the ark after the flood waters subsided, the reader will see ancient reptillian animals along side the elephants and kangaroos. Underneath the mounds of sediment hills, which apparantly were created as a result of the shifting soils during the flood, various fossil skeletons of prehistoric sea creatures and fish are depicted side by side with ancient extinct reptiles and dinosaurs. This deceptively simple book tells a greater story with the short easy to read passages as well as the illustrations that any child will appreciate and understand.  As a blogger I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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