Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Gospel According to Jesus

The Gospel According to Jesus, by Chris Seay, published by Thomas Neslson publishers is a response to many common misconceptions about the bible and Jesus, held and perpetuated by many modern, liberal churches today.  In fact the philosophies and teachings of many churches and popular Christian teachers/ preachers have drifted so far from the actual biblical teachers that they bear little if any resemblance to biblical teaching.  For the listeners, without any knowledge of the biblical account of Jesus and the teachings, such indivduals have no basis for comparison to recognise any errors or inconsistencies.  This is a timely book in response to the distorted poular misconceptions that so many have of the bible.  After all, how many of us heard someone claim that Jesus said this or that, or the bible says such and such, when in actuality it does not say what the speaker purports.  I have not yet recieved this book, but I anticipate its arrival.  As a booksneeze blogger I am posting this review.

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