Friday, October 29, 2010

Taking Back Astronomy

I recently had the opportunity to read Jason Lisle's full color astronomy text, Taking Back Astronomy: The Heavens Declare Creation and Science Confirms it, published by Master Books.  I found this book to be quite thorough scientifically.  Scientific theories such as the Big Bang are addressed in great detail, in  contrast to alternate creation theory, which often is overlooked.  Concepts of light speed and the horizon problem are covered. This professionally written book, gives a credible voice to the idea of creation, verses the commonly accepted theories of naturalism. This book puts comlex scientific theories in simply to understand language. Nevertheless for those with indepth background in physics and astronomy, background information is provided.  The issue of alien life and the inconsistencies of the alien life theories are also addressed in a very logical fashion.

There were a few  issues I would like to see addressed in future editions of this book.  Firstly the main title: "Taking Back Astronomy" may appear to be a bit too oppositional to a secular reader.  Rather, I would go with the sub-title as a more suitable title for this book.  While some of the supplimental photos, albeit beautiful and interesting, were somewhat arbitrary placed or the captions were too short or inadequate. Perhaps a reader may wish to have more indepth captions to explain the photos that accompany the text for greater clarity. Most likely these photos were also included to display the incredible beauty and complexity of creation, but for a secular reader, more details should be provided in the caption for each photo- especially for those whithout Ph.D.s in astronomy or physics.  Nevertheless, these issues do not detract from the book overall and I would highly reccomend this book for anyone who as ever thought to question the complexity of the universe and how it came to be. As a blogger for New Leaf Publishers, I recieved this book for the purpose of writing a review.

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