Friday, October 8, 2010

I Quit by Geri Scazzero with Peter Scazzero

I Quit: Stop Pretending Everything is Fine and Change Your Life by Geri Scazzero with Peter Scazzero, published by Zondervan publishers is an effectively written, yet simple to read self help/ self improvement book.  In otherwords, this is a social skills book for any adult whether he percieves himself to be normal or is honest and  openly acknowledges his or her adjustment and/ or self esteem issues.  This is suitable reading for any adult who missed out and never had the opportunity to take a life skills class in their school days. The book is well written, and effectively pinpoints as well as addresses commonly found adjustment issues and self defeating behaviors.  This book is blunt and gets right to the point with chapters such as "Quit Lying", "Quit Overfunctioning", "Quit Blaming" and "Quit Living Someone Else's Life", just to name a few.  This book covers just about every malfunctional, innappropriate coping mechanism that can be observed in the "normal" adult population.  If you have severe psychosis or extremely abnormal physcological issues, then perhaps this book may not be sufficient, but even such individuals may benefit from reading this book nonetheless.  This book requires, however, for the reader to honestly access his or her shortcoming.  For example, on pages 83-87 is a chart of personality types, otherwise referred to by the author as Enneagrams.  The reader must honestly take a personal assesment to determine which category or categories that he or she may fit into.  The categories are based on actual AXIS II personality types/ disorders of the DSM-IV classification, yet in this book, they are renamed/ repackaged so as to be less intimidating and to appear  more palatable.  The reader is more likely to own up to being a "perfectionalist", "adventurer" or an "observer" or "achiever" rather than admitting he or she is actually an "antisocial", "avoidant", 'narcissistic", "Obsessive Compulsive", "histronic" or "schizoid" personality. Yet, keep in mind, for the sake of complete disclosure, although the author writes these "Enneagrams" with politically correct, uplifting titles, they are actually based on AXIS II personality categories- which can be found on any collge psychology textbook.  Though this book appears to be deceptively simple, it contains wise and practical advice and suggestions for improving one's life.  One unsettling fact about this book is that the author is a wife of a pastor.  It left me second guessing as to whether I am imposing whenever I ask someone for a favor.  Although I know that was not the intent of this book, I can not help but feel as if asking another person for help, can be a burden even when that individual appears willing to help.  Nevertheless, as for God, we can ask and pray whenever we are in need, and never be a burden.   In the end, this is a very good, honelstly written, self improvement book either for oneself or as a subtle gift for a good friend or loved one.  As a blogger for Zondervan I receieved this book for the purpose of writing a review.   The opinions expressed are my own.

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