Saturday, August 8, 2015

Intersect - Rob Peabody & Cris Rogers

Intersect - where your story and God's story converge by  Rob Peabody & Cris Rogers is a newly published DVD of The Awaken Movement.  This production is a short film that believers may use as a valuable resource in order to introduce friends, family and acquaintances to Christ. How many times have you wondered about how to bring up the message of the Good News of Jesus to friends, family or anyone for that matter? This short film is intended to be part of a five week curriculum to not only introduce Jesus in casual, non religious, non threatening context.  This documentary styled outreach film can is produced so inspire audiences of all ages and religious backgrounds and secular background.  The DVD had a small, full color, glossy study guide pamphlet enclosed in the case.  The guidebook offers suggestions on how to effectively use the film series for the bible study leader, out reach director, teacher or youth group leader.  It guides the user to creating an effective "lesson plan" for use with a small group.  In fact there are mini lesson plans and discussion questions for each of the five topical lessons to be delivered over the course of five weeks.  Therefore even if you never have led a study group before, you can easily lead one with the guidance provided with this DVD.  This DVD is intended for small group leaders, church ministry volunteers, bible study leaders or anyone interested in sharing the good news in a small study group format.  Do you belong to a book club?  Why not present this DVD series as a change of pace.  Do you have a weekly ladies night out, college study group or mom's playdate group?  Why not integrate this resource to deliver the life saving message to friends, family or acquaintances.   Get some popcorn, sodas and candy and your big screen TV and invite some friends over to watch the short films and have a discussion afterwords.  It doesn't need to be a formal even.  No one needs to purchase anything to participate in the group.  Even if you don't have a leadership role in a church or any background in teaching- I challenge you the reader of this blog, or even a fellow book blogger to get a copy of this DVD resource and start sharing the gospel message to all you know.  In the true spirit of the Great Commission of the Gospel this DVD resource shows us where to start in sharing the message if we have no idea where to begin. As a blogger for Litfuse publicity I received a copy of this DVD for the purpose of writing this review.

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