Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Giants Legends, Lore & Goliaths by Charles Martin, illustrated by Bill Looney

From the first page of the new book, Giants Legends, Lore & Goliaths by Charles Martin, illustrated by Bill Looney, children, as well as parents, will be impressed by unique, visual features such as flip open pages, inserts, antique styled replicas of small scale books and maps, and a large sized pull out panorama of David and Goliath.   Full color illustrations by Bill Looney bring the myths and history of ancient times to life.  The art captures the realism of these giants.  His detailed art also adds a multicultural element as well in depicting folk lore and world wide giant folklore and stories.

This book is presented as a picture book for elementary and middle school readers.  Nevertheless all ages will enjoy this fun fact filled book as well as the special unexpected surprises on each page.  This book is a mix of biblical faith, sociology and science all rolled into one fun volume!

Scientific support for the the existence of giant beings as well as the flood  from geological evidence and history is presented in a simple, visual method.  Tales and folklore of giants, as well as creation stories presented from around the world give a social and archeological perspective.  The book is presented to allow the readers to investigate the evidence themselves.

Fold out pages open up to give the reader a concept of the massive scale of giants. Vintage styled replicas of "books" and flags and antiqued maps give an element of historical realism as well as mystery.  I have never seen a more complete or more enjoyable presentation of the subject matter of Giants- often overlooked as simply the matter of fairy tales.  The quality of this book makes it a book to keep and treasure.  It is a book to read and reread multiple tomes, because once is not enough to absorb the wealth and varied presentation of this book's message. There is more to the idea of Giants than the popular child hood stereotype of Jack and the Beanstalk.  If you want to go beyond fairytales  and learn about how fact and myths intertwine to create fables- this book is a great case study. As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Master Books, an Imprint of New Leaf Press for the purpose of writing a review.
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