Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Strike it Rich With Pocket Change byKen Potter & Dr. Brian Allen

Strike it Rich With Pocket Change: Error Coins Bring Big Money byKen Potter & Dr. Brian Allen, published by KP publishers, is a unique coin guide for the beginning collector.  Educational and interesting to read, this book contains black and white photographs on each page. Written in simple to understand language, with relevant photos, this book will appeal to coin collectors and non collectors alike.

Unknown to most laymen, and perhaps collectors as well, collecting error coins are a subset of the coin collecting hobby.  Furthermore, a distinction is made between damadged coins and error coins.  Not only does this guidebook educate the reader about these distinctions and the types of errors to be found, photographs of the errors are included in the text.  What makes this book a truly great resource for the novice collector or coin student is the fact that it basically includes photos of every modern American coin minted in the U.S. Sufficient back ground information on coin collecting is included in this book.  For example, collecting quaterers and commemorative dollars are a common hobby for many.  In this book all the 50 States Quarters are photgraphed in a handy check list type format as well as nickels, Presidential $1 coinage, Sacagawea Dollars and America the Beautiful dollars too! Furthermore, at the end of this book is a glossary of coin collecting terms and some articles debunking common coin myths such as the popular misconception that Bicentennial coins ar e valuable.  Additional resources are included to direct the collector to additional sources of information on the web or via mail.  Membership applications for various coin collecting groups are included in the book as well.  This all inclusive book is the perfect start to jump start any new collector's coin hobby. So, if even after reading this book and looking through change doesn't yield financial resouces, at the very least, any reader who has completed this book, will have gained an education in Coin Collecting 101, a trained eye and a new appreciation for pocket change.  As a blogger for booksneeze I recieved this book from Thomas Nelson publishers for the purpuse of writing this review.

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