Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Complete Zoo Adventure by Mary & Gary Parker

The Complete Zoo Adventure by Mary & Gary Parker, is literally a "A field trip in a book" as marketed on the front cover.  This spiral bound, interactive full color book has color coded tab divided chapters for each animal category as well as a hands on tool kit, containing field fact cards, biome cards, field journal cards and name badges for the readers/ participants.  This book is educational as well as interactive.  This book is the perfect guid to transform any zoo trip into an educational field trip.  And for those readers who are not actually going to the real zoo, this book is the next best thing. 

At first glance this might seem just like a very good resource in animals and the zoo.  But when you actually read the text of the book and not just the full color photographs of animals, the reader will find it is actually an educational book on biblical creation.  Sadly, so many readers- and parents who read this book, will probably will look at the photos and stop there.  But the actual text of this book is even more impressive!  In the section "Before the zoo", there are "devotional" pages which give the biblical background of creation starting from Genesis.   This book provides a simple, yet very well written background on the theology of creation and sin, the garden of Eden, and the flood.  Issues of creationism vs evolutionary theories are discussed.  Furthermore, within the text of the animal sections themselves, the authors do not hesitate to include biblical based commentary.  For example, when commenting on a monkey exhibit at a zoo, they critique the fact that a diagram was depicted which implied than men evolved from apes.  This is a bold book, and the authors are not ashamed of the gosepl message and find effective ways to promote the gospel in of all places- a book about zoo animals!  As a blogger for New Leaf creations I recieved a copy of this book published by Master Books for the purpose of writing this review.  I wish this book would be available to the mass market in book stores everywhere as its message is essential.  This publishing company produces many great books that tie in science with biblical creation so that the readers get the whole picture.

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