Thursday, June 16, 2011

God and Steven Hawking by John C. Lennox

God and Steven Hawking- Whose Design Is It Anyway? by John C. Lennox, is 96 page apologetic work in response to Steven Hawking's well known bestselling work, "The Grand Design".  Lennox concedes that Hawking has made accessible to the laymen, his God-less theories of physics, and science to the main-stream, challenging belief in God and the bible. The implications of this atheistic view of God in society are seriously damaging to faith in God.  Because of this danger, Lennox feels the need to point out the holes and weakness in Hawking's theories as presented in the "The Grand Design".  Specifically, he is not debating about the scientific ideas presented by Hawking but about the conclusions that he comes up with- namely that God does not exist.  He feels that Hawking is in error, when he dismisses the validity of philosophy and faith in addressing crucial questions such as the purpose and meaning of life. Lennox challenges the claim that the law of gravity is the explanation for the creation and purpose of the universe and this is not a satisfactory explanation of the laws of nature and morals.  In essense, Hawking creates for himself, his own god- which is the universe, or more accurately, the multiverse.  Hawking's work, simply is unable to answer the questions as to the purpose or why the world was created. 

I believe that Lennox's ideas as presented in his book would be more accessible to the laymen in a pamphlet or tract form rather than a 96 page book.  The intended market audience of this book is obviously those who have in fact read or are actually familiar with and understand Hawking's works- which I assume is not too many.  The way Lennox's book is presented, is not neccessarily the most readable- therefore I believe a smaller booklet form or tract version with graphics and bullet points would be more effective.  This book seems more like a research paper and is not very readable to the average reader.

As a blogger for Litfuse, I recieved this book from Lion Book publishers for the purpose of writing this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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