Monday, March 7, 2011

Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs

Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs published by Master Books, is a cross between a gift book and a science/ history book.  This very impressive full color, beautifully illustrated, interactive 3-D hard cover book covers the mysths of dragons and compares and contrasts myth from reality and fact from fiction.  It is interesting to not that the fables of dragons originate from the reality of dinosaurs.

Many unique 3-D details are contained within this book- envelopes open to reveal pull out-  historical inserts of dragon myths from around the world, pullout pamphlets and mini books contain additional information, artic;es and illustrations as well.  Also included are reproductions of ancient art and literature as well as flip open pages and windows with realistically drawn artwork rather than simplistic cartoon art. 

Biblical origins of the dragin myths and of dinosaurs are also portrayed and explained in this book.  Basically a quote contained on page 16 sums up the thesis of this book---this book "dissects common mysths of the bible- dragons were not magical or even mysterious.  They are simply dinosaurs, existing in a world with men and women who preserved these encounters in legend, artifcats and oral tradition". This unique view merits serious consideration.  Not only is this an entrataining well made gift book sure to appeal to anyone interested in fantasy and dragons, it also has a message as well.  As a blogger I recieved a copy of this book from Master Books for the purpose of writing this review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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