Monday, March 7, 2011

One Month To Live by Kerry & Chris Shook

One Month To Live: Twenty Days To A No- Regrets Life by Kerry & Chris Shook is marketed as a thirty day program , self- help book for life changing journey. Although this book is entriely appropriate for anyone facing a terminal illness, this book is also intended for any reader whatsoever regardless of his or her health or life span.  This book motivates and empowers the reader to live life deliberately and morally regardless of religious beliefs or lack thereof.  

For those readers to take this book seriously, who take the time to read this book and apply it to their own lives- this book can be life changing, addressing crucial areas of mending relationships and making more efficient use of one's personal time.  This book offers valuable practical advise for sorting out and making priorities.  For example if you wre to find your time here on earth was limited, would you choose to waste your remianing time sitting around passively watching television re runs?  Or would you spend your remaining time stewing in anger, seeking revenge for past hurts and wrong?  Probably not... and if that's the case this book offers constructive, realistic and relevant alternatives for making one's life more meaningful and satisfying regardless of how many days you have left.  This book is not about booking that expensive vacation cruise you always wanted or purusing the ideal career or purchasing an expensive Coach bag or dream car.  It's not about achieving material goals or wants- and its not about satisfying one's own greed.  its about pursuing eternal lasting and meaningful treasures: its about mending relationshsips, pursuing spititual and moral satisfaction and its aboub savoring the special moments and times that so many take for granted.  If you are tiured of your old world view and find that materialism and the superficial way of today's fast paced greedy society no longer works for you than this is the perfect book for you.

As a blogger for Waterbrook Multnomah bloggers I recieved this book for the purpose of writing a review.  Teh opinions expressed in this review are my own

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