Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Prophecy Answer Book By David Jeremiah

In light of all the end of the world theories and scenarios presented in the media today, prophecy is no longer considered an antiquated or superticious subject but rather, it has become a mainstream and even popular topic. David Jeremiah's new book, The Prophecy Answer Book, is a simple and timely book about the end times according to the bible. There are numerous movies and books which bring obscure and sometimes silly quasi-scientific and Mayan end of the world disater scenarios to the forefront. Nevertheless, the irony is that many consider the ancient, and morally bankrupt, Mayan culture as a more relaible authority in prophecy than the bible. A culture that historically has been known to engage in human sacrifice is given more attention and sensitivity, than the biblical prophecies presented in the bible. Many poltically correct "activists" have no qualms about condeming the historical culture and message of the bible, while overlooking the crimes against humanity committed by other ancient cultures.

Written in a simple question and answer format, this book is sure to be appealing to today's generation of media consumers. Each question is answered in a paragraph or two, just long enough to maintain the attention span of today"s readers. The duo-tone graphics that highlight the questions & selected quotes as well as the simplified charts, aid in disseminating the information to the all too common- attention deficit disordered media consumers of today.

This book is a good spring-board for those who want an introduction to biblical prophecy, but are unfamilar with the bible. This book is an attempt to draw in the interest of a larger, secular audience. For a more indepth study into biblical prophecy, one would obviously look into more sources- namely the bible. But for many, bible reading is a herculean task. One strong point of this book is that there are plenty of biblical verses listed to support Jeremiah's statements. For those who may not agree with Jeremiah's own biblical interpretations of future events, then the reader can easily go to the listed references and form his own opinion. Basically for those who are very familar with the bible and who frequently read the bible, this book will not be very useful or inspriring. For active bible readers, understanding the prophecies that are contained are easy enough without having to go to an outside source. As a blogger for I recieved this book, free of charge for the purpose of writing a review.

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