Sunday, August 8, 2010

And though its fruit looked simple enough........

The lemon itself was genetically unique. It was an evolutionary mutation. Within the lemon's DNA was the code for a new creature; a new life, an intermediate form between plant and animal. Once transformed, the new form of life would have ...independent mobility directed by a functioning brain and nervous system. The remaining details of the new life from were known only within the lemon's genetic code. Would the lemon have a mind capable of emotion or communication? Or, would it merely act and move as a result of instinct. These were among the many questions that could be answered only after the transformation had been completed. Nonetheless, at the current stage of its development, the type of creature could not yet be known. Nor did the subtle physical changes give any clue or indication of the extraordinary changes occurring within the lemon.

ITS......... Alive!

(excerpt from Lemon Bee by Patricia Weiss Janes)

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