Monday, August 23, 2010

Evolution: The Grand Experiment by Dr. Carl Wermer

I recently had the opportunity to read Dr. Carl Werner's 262 page, full color science book/ text, Evolution: the Grand Experiement, published by New Leaf Publishing Group.  Just about every adult in America has heard about the theory of evolution, having had been taught about it in science class as a student.  While most have heard about the Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, few truly know much about the actual theory itself which they believe to be a fact, nevertheless.  Contrary to popular opinion, the theory of evolution is not a fact. Even scientists cannot agree to the particular details of evolution. Yet in pride, stubborness, and perhaps ignorance many scientists, theorists, teachers and laymen alike, deny the holes and inconsistencies in their failing evolution theories- faulty theories often based more on fantasy than fact, which could never hold up under the scruitiny of truth  if ever presented in an objective courtroom of the law. The momentum of evolution, in of itself has become a religion.  Its main proponents are analogous to prophets and many proponents of evolutionary theories will stop at nothing inorder to advance their ideas.  In the education system, very little time, if any, is dedicated to any opposing theories to evolution- whether in the classroom or in science text books.  Finally, with Dr. Carl's textbook, Evolution: the Grand Experiement  there is a source that the inquisitive can turn to in order to learn the whole picture behind the theory of evolution.

Dr. Carl's textbook covers the history of evolutionary theory as well as the theory itself.  In addition to presenting the main proofs behind the theory of evolution, alternate theories and possibile scenarios are also addressed.  Darwin's mechanisms of evolution and the ideas of natural selection are covered as well as the possible alternatives and explanations. The fossil records are depicted in exhaustive detail side by side with full color photos and illustrations. Various diagrams and charts compliment the text. While not intended as a stand alone text book for use in the public school system, this book should be a required reading suppliment to any student of evolution, or anyone else seeking to learn the truth behind the theories.  At minimum, it provides strong and plausible alternatives to evolution that merit consideration. Evolution: the Grand Experiment is not a religious propaganda book.  There is no alternate religious agenda or motive as you may find  with publications and pamphlets.  This book is a throrough science book about evolution, presenting the side of the story that is usually neglected in schools, institutions or scientific articles. It's about time that a book has been published which discusses in a professional, legitimate format,  the alternatives to the one sided theories of evolution presented to the general public.  I receieved this book as a blogger for the New Leaf Publishing group for the purposes of review.  I was not required to write a positive review and the opinions expressed are my own.

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