Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Hostess Twinkies Cookbook by 10 Speed Press

The Hostess Twinkies Cookbook by 10 Speed Press is an eccentric new pocket sized cookbook that brings a 
plot twist to the beloved snack cake. Meshing together a lively narrative and eccentric dessert recipes using twinkies, this book is a hybrid between a specialty niche cook book and a coffee table book.  Filled with high quality,  full color photographs, colorful retro graphics, this book contains simple desserts using twinkies- including twinkies shakes, twinkies bacon and even a twinkies burger in which the twinkies replaces the bun.  These recipes are only for the adventurous as some of the combinations of meat and sugary cake are not traditional complimentary food combinations.  This niche book would make a great gift for anyone who is fond of Twinkies, or as a souvenir to reminisce of one's childhood days.  As a blogger I received a copy of this cook book published by  10 speed press.

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