Friday, July 3, 2015

Hyacinth Girls by Lauren Frankel

Hyacinth Girls by Lauren Frankel, is a newly published novel with unexpected plots twists, with enough suspense to keep the reader glued to the pages.  I literally could not put the book down as I read the 292 page book from start to finish in one day.  While the theme may seem simple about teen-aged girls and bullying- it is much more complex.  What appears to be truth on the surface, is the opposite- and what one would least expect.  The story is told from from different perspectives- beginning with Callie's adoptive mother, and then from Callie's point of view. The emotional turmoil, fear and hopelessness felt by Callie, is evident through the pages of the book. The lament and remorse of a lost relationship with a close friend who she had betrayed is evidenced by the pain reflected in her correspondence.    The reader is invited to see the events unfolding from the point of view of a concerned mom.  Yet, when the point of view is switched to that of the young teen-aged daughter, the reader learns the unexpected and shocking truth- a reality so vividly horrible it is difficult to believe that teen-aged girls could be responsible for such inhuman monstrous treatment of another human being.  This book is an eye opener for sure- not just about bullying but about the unstated  and innermost thoughts that are beneath the surface.  It is an eyeopener to every mom out there, about making assumptions and being dismissive, and that there may be untold battles and secrets that adults may be too oblivious or busy to see. There is a world out there- the extent of which- adults may not be aware of when it comes to the lives of teenagers and the extent of damage from bullying.  This novel has made a lasting impact.  It is an eye opener for any parent and possibly teen or young adult as well.  As a blogger for Blogging For Books, I received a copy of this book published by Crown publishers, an imprint of Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC.

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