Friday, July 3, 2015

Principles of Mathematics Book 1 Pack by Katherine A. Loop

Principles of Mathematics Book 1 Pack by Katherine A. Loop is a new Math curriculum for middle school students or grades 6-7.  This two book set includes the main text and a workbook.  For any parent who home- schools their older children, or for students who need an extra review, this is a comprehensive test that covers a vast amount of material.  In my opinion, this book is also a perfect remedial resource for adults who are returning to school or preparing for entrance exams for college.  This text covers fractions, decimals, statistics and anything one might expect in a standard 6th to 7th year math curriculum.  The conversational style of the writing is certain to invite any student.  It is as if you have your own private tutor by your side.  Rather than a dry Math text, this textbook is actually engaging to read.  In fact, the presentation and personal tone will draw in parents, educators as well as students to actually want to teach and to learn.  All to frequently, Math text books are known for dry reading- but Loop's text breaks the mold in her unique presentation. The soft cover and black and white graphics, and most notably the matte finish pages and lack of color give the textbook a study guide like impression, in contrast to the hard covered, glossy color text books used in public schools. I believe this economical format is to keep the overall costs down.  The material covered rivals the coverage of that in the public school curriculum.  Overall, this text set make a good choice for any home school parent or adult looking for a refresher course in Math.  For those parents with multiple children who are home schooled, one copy of the main text can be reused, and additional workbooks used for multiple children, as the workbook is intended for assignments.  As a blogger for Moms of Masterbooks, I received a copy of this book published by Master books for the purpose of this review.  If you want an engaging Math text to hold your attention as you learn- this is the choice to make.

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