Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bedtime Devotions with Jesus

Bedtime Devotions with JesusMy Daily Devotional for Kids

This hardcover book, with its kid- friendly size and bright bold colors is the perfect accompaniment to go along with bedtime for any young child.  Unlike a storybook, this book has devotionals, based on biblical themes and passages - one for each night.  Instead of telling stories, this book introduces young preschool children to concepts such as faith, the Holy Spirit, sacrifice and honesty. With the depiction of a sleepy teddy on a cloud with a moonlit, starry sky, this book would be at home in  any nursery, or to compliment any children's home décor or book shelf.

 Pastel, and softly colored pages and bright teddy bear graphics add visual appeal to this book for young children to follow as an adult reads.  Each day's devotion is quick, and to the point as well as easy to understand for young minds.  The simplicity of this book is its strong point as the text is short enough to allow even the youngest of children to grasp the meaning.  The problem with many children's devotional books is that they can sometimes be too lengthy, losing the interest of the child for which they are intended. While a wordy devotional passage may capture the approval of the parent, it is often not a good fit for younger readers and what winds up happening is that the parent has to sum up and interpret the passage for the child.

Each week's of devotions are from a variety of contributors, not one single author.  I feel this is important as it is not based on one individual's interpretations or view point. Contributers include Dr. Johnny Hunt, Ann Chenault, April Mack and many more.  The contributing authors represent a variety of Baptist churches and some non denominational bible churches.

Overall the colorful friendly teddy bear graphics will keep the young child's eyes on the page long enough for the adult to share the quick message.  What is ambiguous is that the cute little graphics are not specifically Christian or biblical.  Other than the word "Devotional" and "Jesus" on the cover gives clues as to the nature of this book.  Nevertheless the illustrations are general and not religious or spiritual in  nature. This is not a problem, in fact many bible families will appreciate this as many illustrations in religious books are not handled in an appropriate style, such as a blonde haired Jesus, or an illustration of an Judas that looks like a villain from the 1990s Power Puff Girls cartoon-  often causing offense to at least some one some where. Since cute teddies have nothing to do with faith or the bible, no one will become offended if their likeness does not accurately depict what they imagine.

The choices of bible verses are perfectly suited for young listeners.  They are relevant and applicable.  Not only do I feel this book is a perfect introduction to the bible for young children, it is the perfect parent aid to teaching a child about the bible.  The Teddy bear theme may seem cliché and often overused, but it is popular nonetheless. This book would make a good choice when introducing a young child to the bible and God.  I look forward to sharing this with my toddler- who picked it right up and started turning to the pages. As a blogger for BooklookI received this book published by Tommy Nelson, an imprint of Thomas Nelson publishers,  for the purpose of writing this review.

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