Saturday, June 13, 2015

Defeating the Strongholds of the Mind by Rebecca Greenwood

Defeating the Strongholds of the Mind by Rebecca Greenwood is worth reading and rereading in order to empower the reader to identify, confront and destroy destructive thoughts and beliefs.  Not many believers understand the concept of the power of mental strongholds, or the Holy Spirit and that we are all called to fight against the devil, our Enemy. Nevertheless, strongholds are the driving force between the failures and the tragedies in countless lives, even Christians.

The author present scriptural background and bible passages from the old and new testaments to share with the reader that each of us is called to resist and fight against the devil's mental strongholds with the power of the Holy Spirit.  This book is a 101 course in identifying sin and the corresponding lies of Satan that keep us enslaved.  Rich in scripture, Greenwood leaves no doubt that she indeed has a special calling to deliver a life saving message through this book.

Much of the book is an invaluable resource where the authors have taken scriptural truths and promises- and relate them to the modern day believer to use and apply when facing any mental stronghold from the enemy.  The scriptural references  will empower any reader with a quick resource of how to respond in faith to any difficulty- large and small.  It is a spiritual self help book in the fact that it will allow the reader the tools to look within himself and identify any areas or issues where Satan has his foothold.  Not only that it tells the reader how to face and address these issues! For those who are at a loss of how to begin to approach their spiritual problems there are a number of sample prayers applicable to any number of situations. This book is written for everyone, as "none of us are excused from the need to overcome wrong beliefs", (Greenwood, 2015 p. 1) Proverbs 23:7 further testifies to the power of words and thoughts as well as the power of lies from Satan to leave us astray. This is a book worthy of leaving by one's bedside- a companion resource to turn to.  It is no overestimation to say this is a life changing book.  As a blogger for the Booketeria I received this book published by Charisma House for the purpose of writing this review.

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