Friday, June 5, 2015

The Young Earth by John Morris

The Young Earth: The Real History of the Earth- Past, Present, Future by John Morris

Anyone who has sat through a science course in public school, whether elementary school to college, has heard the theory of Evolution.  In fact, it is likely this is the only side you will learn about if you are in a secular school.  There is no escape as it is assumed in science textbooks that this theory is fully fact.  In fact, I am currently taking a college microbiology course for nursing school.  In fact, the very first chapter of my microbiology course discusses evolution as if it is a fact.  In fact the text goes so far as to redefine the word "theory" as if it is analogous to fact when it is used in the context of science.  But where is the other evidence that is ignored or concealed? In fact, my curious eighth grader, an A student asked me why schools didn't at least present the arguments for creation alongside the theory of evolution.  She wanted to know why evolution is always presented as an undeniable fact.

Finally there is a book that professionally presents creation with scientific legitimacy.  With academic scholarship, John Morris uses scientific facts and fossil evidence to present the concept of creation.  This full color text rivals the quality of science textbooks used in schools.  This book makes a perfect and essential companion to any science course. The biblical view of creation is often dismissed as superstitious and antiquated.

This book is written for older students at the middle school to high school level.  I also believe college level students would also benefit from this text to accompany their secular evolution biased based books as well.   Photographs and charts accompany the text.  This book covers the topic of Earth's history with dignity and professionalism that will stand to the scrutiny of any student, professor or professional in the science.  This is a much needed book.  I wish this was available in every public library.  As a blogger for Master Books, I received a copy of this book printed by Master Books, an imprint of New Leaf press.  Included is a power point CD which can be integrated into the classroom as part of the curriculum.
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