Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Crap Taxidermy by Kat Su

Kat Su's new gift book, Crap Taxidermy, is among the funniest books I have read in a long time.  This small sized hardcover book, featuring the worst possible taxidermy attempts on public display would make the perfect gift for anyone into alternative humor or art.  This eccentric and unique  book features tasteless and hideous specimens of stuffed animals, created and designed by clueless, and talentless amateurish individuals.  Using satire and humor, Kat Su makes fun of these works of "art".

Grouped by categories, this book organized these poorly stuffed animals by the most obvious features.  For example, "It's In The Eyes", features taxidermy animals whose eyes are weird, creepy, unrealistic or in some fashion, less than realistic.  You will see a rustic looking tabby cat with glassy, aqua marbles for eyes- similar to the clear aqua fish rocks sold in pet stores to decorate fish tanks. There is one animal, an owl, that actually has plastic google eyes.  In the section, titled "Dynamic poses", you will find animals presented in such unrealistic impossible posses that you will never know for sure if the scene is a mockery or is intentional.  For example, a display in New Zealand features a trio of hunched opossums eating leaves in a replica of their "natural habitat".  The author has explored the globe, literally, to bring to the reader, these unusual finds.

Some of these animals appear to be so old and worn from age, that they are broken, musty, moldy, mangled, torn or decrepit.  Most zoological or museum displays would have long tossed them out in favor of new, fresh display animals.  The skill of these displays and taxidermy is reminiscent of a grade school project gone bad.  I felt some of these displays would look more at home at a first grade science fair than at a museum or wherever public display they are actual at.  For anyone in need of a good laugh or anyone who just wants to see something that is just unbelievably weird or creepy, this would make a good book.  Su's book is the perfect comic relief no matter who you are or what your life circumstances may be.  Give this book to your eccentric relative or to someone you know who is having a difficult time and needs a good laugh.  I think this book is perfect for all audiences and readers.  As a blogger I received this book published by Ten Speed Press, a registered trademark of Random House LLC.

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