Saturday, September 13, 2014

Treasury of Bible Stories by Kelly Pulley

Treasury of Bible Stories by Kelly Pulley- Rhythmical Rhymes of Biblical Times is a new storybook  that brings the bible to life for young children.  Filled with bold bright cartoons, the illustrations will appeal to young children.  The expressive,  wide eyed animals and people will capture the attention of all readers.  The artist's unique style is highly animated- as the bug eyed creatures and humans with magnified expressions speak to the young reader so that by simply following the pictures, a young child can follow the story. The large, poignant google eyes communicate emotions and feelings in the stories. 

Together, the unique cartoons and the poetry, will draw in the youngest of listeners and hold their attention.  Rhyming words are an effective way to communicate to young children and hold their attention. Children learn with rhymes and  poems.  To tell these stories in rhyme will make these stories memorable as well as entertaining.

A selected number of bible stories are featured in this book.  Each story is several pages of rhyme and full color artwork. Stories from the old and new testaments are selected, including Noah's ark, Jonah and the fish and Jesus walking on the water are included.  The poetry is just as animated as the illustrations. Parents can pick up this book and jump right into the stories at any point.  These stories would be perfect for a parent to read to a child at bedtime.  They would also be suitable for a children's bible class.  Many traditional bible story books are too dry for younger readers.  These rhymes will stick with children long after the book is closed.  This book stands apart from the rest of the bible storybook genre.  Pulley has created a great way to reach out to parents and children to reinforce their faith in the bible.  As a blogger for Litfuse publicity I received a copy of this book published by David C. Cook.

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