Saturday, September 6, 2014

a little too late for my book, but posting anyway

The air was stagnant; oppressive
The dark earthy scent wafted through the air.
Dust particles float listlessly in the blinding sunbeams that creaked through the rotted boards.
In the dim, moldy, cavernous space, where darkness contrasted with the noonday sun, oblong boxes, trunks and corrugated cardboard containers were haphazardly stacked in neglected cobwebbed corners.
Unwholesome seepage staining the floors, darkened black pools of tainted liquefied muck-
An eerie warehouse; these strange boxes containing corpses of various states of decay,
abandoned,  without explanation, nor answers.
freshly, unearthed ground, in mountainous heaps,
saturated as a quiet, forgotten, condemned, forlorn community coughed up its dead
Every house, and structure converted to a grim warehouse -
bodies slick, bloated and pungent;  corpses leathered and petrified; remains dry, parched, withered, brittle, and decomposed,
Remains, lifeless shells, empty husks, chaff,
in pieces, rests
Dust particulates drift aimlessly,
a flakey layer of soot,
slowly swirling, falling downwards, down to rest
an eerie snowfall,
coats the yellowed window pane
everything is buried with
Bone and dust-
only remains
rest in pieces

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