Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the NIV Fast Facts bible

If you want to purchase a good simply styled bible to distribute as part of an outreach bible, then this plain text NIV Fast facts bible is a good choice.  This is like a simple, bare bones pew bible -a traditional bible, with a few themed into pages for each bible book.  There was nothing special about this bible: no graphics or color whatsoever.  I was very disappointed in the lack of study features or graphics in this monotonous text bible.  I'd expect more for the price.

As far as everyday study and devotions, its an okay choice.  This bible is a good basic text bible but thats about it.  It is a specialty  bible and im sure many customers may purchase this bible expecting more.  The publishers lost an opportunity to create a good, eye catching trivia styled bible.  I think this is just a gimmick and maybe the idea wasnt well thought out.
For anyone looking for a good basic plane text bible, this  bible is possible an okay choice. For the price there are better choices.  As a blogger for booklook bloggers I received this bible for the purpose of writing this review.

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