Friday, June 6, 2014

The Flip by Michael Philip Cash

The Flip, is a new ghost story novel by Michael Phillip Cash.  In light of the reality TV shows and quasi- docu- dramas, in the media featuring ghosts, hauntings and possession, Cash's book finds a home in today's occult saturated culture.  And although  the haunting genre is popular and commonly depicted in horror and suspense novels, Cash's talent using the written word is what sets this book above and beyond the competition.  He repackages the ghost story genre in the context of a modern cultural phenomenon known as house flipping.  Combining two entirely different interests, home repair and ghost stories, Cash builds a new market for his books. He adds a wider appeal and credibility to the horror/ ghost story in this book that is by weaving in  history and house renovation.    As a side note, this  book also serves as a lesson in house flipping as the reader follows all the grueling practical and emotional details of home renovation. Enthusiasts will enjoy the mention of architecture, antiques, and art. one can also learn a little about history as well.      

One can say the market is saturated with books on hauntings and the paranormal- the idea of a haunted mansion and an ominous evil presence is nothing new- except for the fact that Cash delivers the story with an element of realism and authenticity.  This book is complex in that there are a number of side plots and narratives written from an omnipotent perspective of both perspectives of the couple as well as the ghostly inhabitants of the house.  Not only is  there a an interaction between the husband and wife, that many readers can relate to in their own marriages, there is also a complex emotional and power struggle between the spirits that inhabit the home.  Cash goes into depth in the inner workings of the spirit world implying an ominous hierarchy that includes powerful "sentinels".  I was almost reminded of the Disney cartoon Mulan, in which there is plenty of intrigue  and a power struggle among the ghostly departed ancestors that guide Mulan on her quest. Cash transports the reader back into the past with glimpses of the spirits during their lifetimes. History enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the authentic  historical details and readers will have additional insight into the mystery behind the ghosts. Cash has done historical research to add authentic historical details to make a richer experience for the reader.  Not too many writers go into the mysterious innerworkings of the ghosts that inhabit or haunt the house in ghost stories.  Cash offers a unique perspective.

This conscientious writer pays attention to the fine details of writing, the sights, sounds and even odors of horror. There is no detail that gets past the eagle eye of this writer- where the written word becomes a form of art.  There are literally no dry areas in this book- either something is always happening or explained.  It has become commonplace for fiction writers to include dry filler to simply fill up pages and empty space.  Michael Cash's novel is full of poignant description, drama or action from the first page to the last. 

The text formatting of the book presents some issues, I  have a personal preference for even paragraph  justification on both sides of the text, which I feel gives a more professional appearance.    The final page of each chapter looks awkward withthe text centered in the middle of the page. Nevertheless this is another fast paced Michael Phillip Cash horror- drama novel.  This entertaining novel is perfect for those short on time who want a fast paced book. This paperback novel belongs on the checkout racks of with other top selling novels.  It has all  the elements of a popular novel, simple to understand plot, the paranormal as well as the population home renovation theme all in one.   As a blogger I received a copy of this book  for the purpose of writing this review.

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