Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sharing Christ with the Dying: Bringing Hope to Those Near the End of Life by Melody Rossi

Sharing Christ with the Dying: Bringing Hope to Those Near the End of Life by Melody Rossi is a reprint of the book originally published in 2007 under the title, "May 1 Walk You Home".  I believe the name was changed in this 2014 reprint to reflect the Christian perspective of this book for those readers who may unknowingly purchased the book believing it was from a more secular or religiously neutral point of view. This book is a great resource for any pastor, or bible believer who has contact with anyone suffering from a long term or terminal illness. Even though this book focuses on the spiritual side of terminal illness and death, the book also addresses practical issues such as planning, hospice and other end of life concern.  There is even a chapter on important documents an paperwork.  Families who are grief-stricken as well as wearied caregivers  will appreciate having this wealth of information in one simplified resource.  Basically, you can get all the information you need to help your dying loved one in this single volume. 

Social, psychological, spiritual, medical and even legal aspects are covered in a simplified yet relevant way.  Rossi touches upon every imaginable aspect  when facing a terminal illness.  There is even an appendix of additional resourses that families and their terminally ill loved ones can turn to. Most of all the spiritual comfort offered for both the caregiver and the sick loved one will provide spiritual fuel for just the right time.  Bible verses offer hope, encouragement and empowerment in the midst of death and dying.  For those who feel lost at approaching an unsaved loved one facing a terminal illness, Rossi provides unimposing suggestions that are subtle and effective, while teaching the reader to look for subtle readiness cues that may indicate that a loved one may be spiritually ready to hear about Christ.  This is a book to put into practice.  As a blogger I received this book published by Bethany House Publishers for the purpose of writing this review.  

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