Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting & Running A Business by Steve Mariotti

Having my own business (sort of), the new book, The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting & Running A Business by Steve Marriott appealed to me.  Although at age 40, I'm not part of the "young entrepreneur" target audience, I felt this book's principles could still apply to me and my start up business.  Personally, I feel that the term "young" in the title can also refer to the fact that this book is simply written and easy to understand - like an introductory business textbook or manual.  Regardless of age, I feel anyone with a new, emerging or even defunct business, can apply the principles of Marriott's book to bring new life and success to a new or existing small business.   The title might make this book appear to be exclusive, but it really is applicable for any new businessman or businesswoman. 

This trade paperback is like a business text- with blocks of black highlighting, graphics and diagrams, to hold the attention of the reader.  Rather than laborious lines of text, the material is broken up into smaller sub headings with charts, diagrams and sidebars of information. It is an easy to read book, with no business or economic background needed to understand. Spotlights on actual business owners are included through out the book.

This book is organized in an orderly format, based on the chronological common sense steps to creating and running a business. A lot of business related background information is provided to start the reader on the process. The author does not assume the reader has any prior business knowledge.  There are sections on creating a business, dealing with customers, money management, strategies as well as a wealth of legal and financial information and even human resources information .  This book includes everything- no stone is left unturned.  The reader will finish this book and feel satisfied about having the answers to all the information.  This is a resource for every small business owner to keep on the shelf and return to.  It isn't a book to read once, and discard as it contains valuable resources for every stage of one's business. Short of having a CPA or attorney on retainer, this is the one and only resource that the reader will need.  This book empowers and motivates all at once.  It arms the reader with information and encouragement - a one stop resource. There is even a reference section including a glossary and even a "math cheat sheet" with important formulas and concepts and how to calculate essential figures. The subtitle "Turn Your Ideas Into Money" may seem to trivialize this book into a spur of the moment gimmick type of endeavor or impulse purchase.  This book is much more than that. this book educates and informs the reader with the concrete, practical information and steps to create a business and to run an existing business.

As a blogger I received this book published by Crown Business for the purpose of writing this review.

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