Sunday, May 25, 2014

Collision:The Battle For Darracia

In his new science fantasy novel, Collision, book 2 of the new series, The Battle for Darracia, Michael Philip Cash creates a surreal, richly developed futuristic world complete with its own religion, social norms and castes as well as  political intrigue. 

Beginning with the first word of the 241 page, novel, Cash captures the hungry reader's attention with an explicit description of a surreal alien planet whose shores "were fine black sand dotted with purple sea glass.... a shooting cosmic spray spread across the inky darkness..." (page 2), as well as its mysterious indigenous "silver crabs".   It is clear that the author put a great deal of thought and research in creating an entirely  new fantasy world right from scratch. Rivaling the depth and imagination of Tolkein's and C.S. Lewis' beloved fantasy worlds, Cash creates a futuristic, sci-fi reality with the same level of imaginative development as Tolkien's middle earth world.  This book transports the reader into a new futuristic fantasy world. No detail is too insignificant for Cash in his visual description of a surreal and futuristic world with its futuristic landscape. The significance of its ancient religion in society and political upheaval and class wars transcends time and space- representing common elements of society that all readers will relate to.  This richly developed world will appeal to history and political enthusiasts as well as fantasy and science fiction fans. The title itself is symbolic -with its dual meaning, referring not only to a cosmic event, but a socio-political event as well.

From the first page to the last, the reader gets the unexpected.  The unique ending of Collision, leaves the reader impatient to find out what happens to V'Sair in the third book. 

This epic story's backdrop is original.  This is a new world the reader will become immersed in like adapting to a new culture.  Yet the themes are universal- coming of age and the quest for identity themes and the pursuit of purpose present a story line that readers of all ages can relate to.  The eerie unfamiliar setting is set side by side with ordinary and  universal ideas. Cash creates a series  that sociologists, historians, scientists as well as fantasy enthusiasts will enjoy dissecting and analyzing.
Fans of the ever popular  StarWars, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek series will enjoy the well developed characters as well as appreciate the intergalactic quest for peace and purpose and royal intrigue.  Parallel elements found  in this series are reminiscent of a combination of elements drawn from popular science fiction so that readers will feel right at home with Cash's story.  It is ironic that a horror and mystery writer can cross into the fantasy genre  with such ease. The same talent used in developing three dimensional characters and their personal struggles as well as interpersonal relationships found in Cash's  earlier works is evident in this fantasy novel as well.
At first glance this may seem like a quick read but from the very first chapter it becomes clear that the reader has entered a new world. As a reader I found myself immersed with Cash's lively description and vivid writing style.  I recommend this as a good book for any young adult or science fiction fan. 

The only changes I'd suggest for this book relate to its format.  A change from the first book of the series is that this second book is now a smaller sized mass paperback format which is more suitable for this genre in contrast to a full sized trade paperback with thick pages. The paragraph format is not  traditional in that there are no tab spaced intentions to signify the start of a new paragraph.  Justification of the text blocks on the right side of the page would give a more professional page appearance.  I feel an embossed raised cover would do this story more justice in capturing the attention of the reader. A third book is anticipated for this series.  I'd like to see all three books in one boxed gift set, with an inclusion of a celestial map.

As a blogger I received this book published by Red Feather publishers for the purpose of writing this review.

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