Friday, May 16, 2014

God's Covenant With You by John Eckhardt

God's Covenant With You For Deliverance &Freedom by John Eckhardt maybe a small pocket sized book, but it is a valuable referenda  is worth reading multiple times in order to empower the reader when confronting personal crisis and trials.  Not many Christian readers understand the debilitating influence of Satan and the concept of the Holy Spirit; that we are all called to fight against the devil, our Enemy. The authors present scriptural background and bible passages for the reader not simply to read but to use,  to resist and fight against the devil with the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The main focus on the book is to show the reader using biblical excerpts, and minimal extraneous text,  to use the tools to defeat the influence of Satan as well as to expose the works and deceptions of the devil as well.  This book is a wake up call to the subtleties of Satan's deception and how deep rooted his sphere may reach.
  In it important to keep in mind the charismatic background of the author is based on the belief of the real workings of the Holy Spirit and the literal belief in modern day spiritual gifts such as tongues and healings. For those readers who may not be convinced or are unfamiliar with the Charismatic ministry, the author provides biblical background to illustrate that "deliverance" may be equated with Jesus' references to "bread" or "the Children's bread" from the gospels.  While some readers may feel that this is taken out of context and does not actually refer to the deliverance ministry, the author makes a convincing argument in support of that interpretation, nevertheless . Eckhardt has taken scriptural truths and promises- and relates them to the modern day believer to use and apply when facing any trial or work from the enemy.  The scriptural references  will empower any reader with a quick resource of how to respond in faith to any difficulty- large and small.  Strongholds and many other satanic obstacles are addressed.   Not only that, the author provides the tools-the words themselves, that have the power to loose an inflicted individual from the devil.  This book is nothing short of a  spiritual self help book in the fact that it will allow the reader the tools to look within himself and identify any areas or issues where Satan has his foothold.  There is also a section about the significance of fasting.  Those who never have fasted or have considered its significance, might even be convinced after reading this book.  John Eckhardt is a very persuasive writer.  For those who are at a loss of how to begin to approach their spiritual problems there are a number of sample prayers and powerful statements applicable to any number of situations. As a blogger for the Booketeria I received this book published by Charisma House for the purpose of writing this review.

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