Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Take Action Bible, NKJV: Together We Can Change the World

The Take Action Bible, NKJV: Together We Can Change the World is yet another themed bible published by Thomas Nelson publishers. The biggest shortcoming to this bible is its small font size and the text format.  In contrast to paragraphs, each bible verse is listed line by line- as mentioned as one of the features "NKJV Ultraslim Bible text", making this bible not the best choice for personal reading.  Because of these textual features, this will not be a bible that I will actually use for reading. Before specifically reviewing this bible in particular,  for those readers unfamiliar with bibles in general some background would be useful. As far as bible translations, there is a spectrum of the ease of reading of a particular translation ranging from beginner/ easy reading levels such as the message and more complex/ literal such as the King James version, and revised standard version. For example, the popular NIV- New International Version, is somewhere in the middle with regard to ease of reading level and undertsanding. The NKJV - New King James Version, in particular, is a bit more literal and is written in somewhat of a higher reading level. Nevertheless, this NKJV is an easy to understand version as well. For those new to the bible entirely, The Message and Living bible as well as NIV versions are easy to read and understand, and are very good options for those who seek to understand the meaning of the bible.

Difficult to read versions such as the Old King James - though very well written, do a disservice to the modern or new bible reader. The antique language is difficult for many in this day to understand on their own and makes it prohibitive for many to understand the truths of the bible. Having known many readers of the KJV, who do not even understand the meaning of what they read- indicates that this is not the best translation for those who really seek to know God's word. What is the point of a bible after all if you can not even undertsand it? For those new to the bible or for those who have a difficult to read translation such as the King James Version, who wish to read the bible and actually understand it, I would suggest one of the bible versions with more modern/ contemporary language. While the NKJV is relatively easy to read, it may present a challange to the literacy level of many modern adults.

Overall, this bible, merits a good rating as it is a good trust worthy translation with many additional informational helps. There are full color insert pages featuring photos and articles, "Take Action" themed ideas and real life stories featuring the difference that real people have made in the world.  The additional articles suppliment the bible text and do not detract from it. I recieved a copy of this bible for the purpose of review. The only thing that would make it better is if it were available in other modern translations as well. I would like to see Thomas Nelson publishers make available their themed bibles in more translations.

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