Monday, April 4, 2011

The Doppleganger Chronicles: The First Escape By G.P. Taylor

As a blogger for Tyndale publishers I had the opportunity to review the graphic kids' novel, The Doppleganger Chronicles: The First Escape by G. P. Taylor. This new junior novel represents the new and popular genre of graphic novels- a hybrif between a full color comic book format and text novel.  The  ecclectic mix of comic book style cartoon art, illustrations as well paragraphs of text make this book visially appealing as well capturing the interest of the reader.  For anyone who enjoys comic books, and graphic novels- I would suggest this book. 

This particular book is the first of a series, whereas the story  takes place in an orphanage and centers around two twin girls- one who is adopted by a wealthy, eccentric evil spinster, while the other remains behind in the home for wayward girls.  As first of th the Doppleganger Chronicles series, this book focuses on a mystery where the remaining twin must escape to the aid of her sister.  The vivid descriptive details and well developed characters make this an engaging story in of itself.  The mixed media of text and graphics make this a unique book that may even capture the interest of parents as well!  In fact, the sophisticated language, sarcasm and irony may be appreciated more adults than by young children.  The intended readership of this book is the pre-teen/ younger teenaged reader. I rate this novel five starts, not only for its content and story line, but fot the unique presentation format.  As a blogger for Tyndale publishers I recieved this book for the purposes of writing this review.  The opinions reflected are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.

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