Sunday, May 10, 2009

Romans Chapter 3: God’s solution for sin & our salvation

Many deny the existence of God and mock those who place their faith in God. Sometimes, even we who have placed our faith in God have some moments of doubt. In fact even John the Baptist had a moment of doubt. But does this doubt nullify the objective truth about God? Certainly not! Just because we do not believe something is true, doesn’t make it false, does it? What we believe does not change the truth. In fact, “God must be true,” even if “everyone is a liar”. Romans 3:4 Furthermore, none of us can say we have never sinned. We all fall short of God’s perfect and just standards. We are all guilty before God’s eyes. No one truly understands God. We all at times have lied or have spoken careless words. At times we have all pursued our own selfish desires and interests at the expense of others. We can never, no matter how hard we try, meet God’s standards. Does that make God’s standards unreasonable because we cannot attain them? No, that doesn’t. It simply shows that through our own efforts it is impossible to be perfect and meet God’s standards. But, while we were still living in sin, God sent his only son, Jesus to die for our sins so that by believing in Jesus, we may be justified. What do we need to do? We need to simply admit we have sinned- in other words, admit that we have fallen short of God’s standards and accept the sacrifice of Jesus through faith. And as a result of our faith, righteousness shall be credited to us- not earned- but freely given to as a gift from God. Our faith in Jesus will result in the forgiveness of our sins and eternal life- which is salvation. We cannot be saved based on merit or good works! Therefore no one can boast. It is a gift from God that we receive from faith!

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