Friday, May 8, 2009

Bible Journal: An Introduction

Bible Journal


Ironically, at a time when I have been feeling somewhat dissatisfied and perhaps a bit remorseful, I have taken it upon myself, the task of writing a journal based on what I have read from the bible. Feeling distracted and a bit overwhelmed by my circumstances, I have neglected to read the bible in a consistent way. (I have neglected other things as well which I have not included here due to the limited scope of this journal. Hopefully, by reading the bible I may find the encouragement and motivation to live up to my worldly responsibilities as well. The bible itself is the best counselor and self help book rolled into one. Therefore it certainly is not a waste of time to be reading the bible- which are the very words of God, our creator. In fact what could be more important?) I currently keep a small journal and index cards of my favorite verses for quick reference. But, reading the bible in a random and haphazard way will most likely result in missing important things that could certainly be of benefit. I enjoy reading the bible, as I find it filled with the most important advice and instruction that can be found. It represents the words of my best friend, embodying the perfect qualities that can be found in no one else. God is the God of perfect justice, mercy and love. Reading the bible has been a help to me whenever I have felt depressed, angry, revengeful, remorseful or lonely. It is far better than any worldly advice that may come from anyone else.

I will begin the task in this way: I will start with the letters of the New Testament first, starting with the book of Romans. After completing the letters, I will then proceed to the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John & Acts and then psalms and proverbs. Hopefully I will read each day and record my commentary in this journal.

An Introduction to Romans:

I have decided that the Book of Romans is a perfect place to start this journal. I have read it many times, and in fact most of my systematic reading of the New Testament books will actually be considered a re- reading. Yet, Romans in particular is a very good background providing some important basic essential information about God and God’s will for mankind. I would recommend anyone reading the bible for the first time to start with one of the gospels first, then proceed directly to the book of Romans. It addresses some very basic and universal questions. Even though the bible is written for everyone in general, the words are personally directed to each and every individual. The words of the bible will speak out to me, communicating the truth and thereby convicting me of anything false that I need to change. Hopefully, continued reading of the bible will create in me a desire and a motivation to do what is right and to have the peace of mind that can only come when one is following God’s will.

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