Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I’ll Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse by Michael Franzese

Having had renounced the “blood oath” that bound him to a life of crime, Michael Franzese feels the urge to redeem himself and share with the reader some basic lessons he has extracted from his former life of running a “mob enterprise”. Written from the colorful perspective of a former mob boss, the information in this book has an impact that reaches beyond the scope of the business sector. Drafted in an upbeat and motivational fashion, the suggestions on how to achieve success in the legitimate business world are general enough that they may be applied to life as well.

The book provides a brief and relevant background of the author’s mobster activities and their demise as well as vivid real life anecdotes. In of themselves, his real life experiences are quite entertaining. It is ironic that we find some wise and surprisingly moral concepts in bettering one’s life, such as honesty, accountability and sacrifice coming from a former mob source. Negative Machiavellian principals of deceit for the sake of expediency are rejected and exchanged for the morals of Solomon of the Proverbs. Furthermore, Franzese dispels some common myths about success in business as he explains that extensive experience and education are not essentials in succeeding in the business sector. Rather, he advocates integrity, common sense, advance planning, team work and hard work- things which anyone who has motivation can accomplish.

Hoping to salvage something good from his years as a criminal mob boss, Franzese presents the reader with one-of-a kind insight, via age old universal truths of morality and hard work- which are in of themselves powerful tools for personal success. As a member of Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program I have reviewed this book and I would recommend this book for anyone interested in some advice for a positive business or leadership experience.

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