Friday, May 25, 2018

A.W. Tozer Three Spiritual Classics in One Volume

A.W. Tozer Three Spiritual Classics in One Volume: The Knowledge of the Holy, The Pursuit of God, God's Pursuit of Man, published by Moody Publishers is a new release of three classic books.  The new generation of readers may not be familiar with the classic Christian works written by Tozer which were first published in the 1940s and 50s.  Even as far as a generation ago, Tozer became aware of a change in the attitude of Christian believers, feeling that a "rediscovery" of faith was needed.  The author recognized the need to rejuvenate one's faith.  His words are just as true and applicable to today's readers as they were 70 years ago.  This collection of his three most influential works are presented in one easy accessible volume.

Tozer's writing style represents a different and more traditional style in contrast to today's generation of Christian writers and pastors.  Although the writing style is traditional, it is not difficult to understand.  The easy to read sized font, is the perfect size, especially for those readers who find classic literature to be daunting.  This three volume set is a great way for the new generation of readers to explore classic Christian literature and also bears testament that many of the issues we face in today's generation are longstanding spiritual issues faced by previous generations of believers as well.

While it is true that nothing can replace the reading of the word of God for oneself, there is much value in having a spiritual mentor to guide your way through life and faith.  A.W. Tozer is a spiritual mentor whose words speak to multiple generations of believers and seekers as well.  He was a self taught theologian- led by the spirit, and did not benefit from expensive years at seminary colleges and universities.  His insight offers hope for all of us believers who learn from the Holy Spirit's direction.  This three book volume is not a book to be skimmed, but rather to be read slowly in order to reflect on the powerful thought.  Those who take the time to read and to meditate on his message will be rewarded with spiritual fuel.

While this book is considered theology, those who follow along, processing the messages internally will have a greater insight into God and God's powerful divine attributes including perfect justice, supernatural wisdom and transcendence.  From there, the reader is guided in pursuing God and drawing closer. The reader receives enlightenment on the barriers from drawing close to God, and with this awareness, how to overcome these barriers.  Finally, Tozer explains how God pursues each and every one of us in a personal relationship through the word of God, the bible, as well as the Holy Spirit.  The believer is taken through an instructional course from start to finish, beginning with a discussion of who God is, and the powerful and unimaginable attributes, how to find God, and finally how God reaches out to us.  I recommend this treasure for all readers who are looking to grow their faith.  For those who take the time to dig into this treasure, the reward will be a greater insight and insight into the greater picture of faith.  As a blogger I received a copy of this book published by Moody publishers for the purpose of this review.

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