Friday, May 25, 2018

Archeology l Study Bible ESV

The Archeology Study Bible, featuring the English Standard Version, is a beautiful compendium of archeological information side by side with the bible text.  The bible features a large number of full color photographs, graphs ,in-depth  articles as well as study notes at the bottom of the page.  The larger sized font, makes this bible perfect for daily reading and study as well.  The presentation of this bible is as beautiful as well as useful.  The hardcover, with its golden embossed letters and decorated spine presents a dignified presentation to make this bible suitable for gift giving as well as having it on display as part of a treasured library.  Of all the archeological themed bibles on the market, this bible has the most useful as well as the most practical features making it the best choice for personal study.

Although this bible is most likely to appeal to those bible readers who want to dig deeper into the historical and archeological foundations of their faith, I believe that historians, students as well as history  teachers will also appreciate this bible as well.  The in-depth full length articles  will give the reader a thorough foundation into archeology and how it correlates to the bible.  This bible will expand the foundation of one's faith through seeing the historical roots in context of the bible text.  This bible brings the world of the old and new testaments to life, giving the reader a taste of the ancient cultures, societies, politics and daily life of the ancient times.

In sum, to what makes this bible stand apart from other bibles in the archeological- historical genre are the following: Beautiful graphical presentation with color photographs, graphs and illustration, Easy to read font, full length articles featuring topics such as geography, coinage, history and dating methods, the accurate, yet modern English Standard Version.  This hardcover volume is made with quality durable materials- giving the bible the dignity it deserves. The binding will last though years of use.  In contrast, I've seen other study bibles with covers and binding that don't even last a single  year of daily use. This bible also includes traditional features such as an in-depth concordance, maps, and presentation page on thick card stock paper. Many modern readers of this new generation may be more familiar with the NIV or the New Living bible translations.  The English Standard Version is not difficult to read, yet it is very accurate.  I believe that readers who enjoy the NIV, should give the ESV a try.  I'd recommend this bible for long standing bible readers as well as for those who are new to the bible.   As a blogger I received a copy of this bible published by Crossway for the purpose of writing this review.

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