Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Legends and Myths of Hawaii by David Kalakaua

My teenager came back with the book, The Legends and Myths of Hawaii by David Kalakaua, from a gift shop in Hawaii while on vacation visiting relatives.  this 530 page paperback book features the original text and illustrations of the classic first printed in 1888.  This book  is perfect for the historian and history enthusiast, as well as the college student doing research, but certainly is not the typical casual book to read while sunbathing on the beach. Most lay readers may feel this is a pretty dry read, and most likely will put the book down after a few paragraphs. I can imagine that this book frequently sits on the bookshelf of a world traveler collecting dust.  For those motivated readers who persevere, there is a culture of rich lore and legends to be discovered.

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