Saturday, September 17, 2016

Time for Bed, Sleepyhead: The Falling Asleep Book by Daniel Amen

Time for Bed, Sleepyhead: The Falling Asleep Book by Daniel Amen is a new picture book for young children. What makes this bedtime story different from other bedtime story books is the integration of suggestive imaginary in aiding children to fall asleep.  This book is actually a story within a story as a young child follows along with the bedtime story that a mama bear tells to her baby bear to help her to relax and fall asleep.  As a parent reads this story to their child, they can follow along with the suggested relaxation techniques that are subtly integrated in the context of the bedtime story.  The soothing sound of waves at the beach, the inviting and comforting towels along the sand where the cute critters nap, the soft, plushy quilt in the bed, as well as the inviting scene of an over sized back seat lined with beach towels all serve to create a soothing atmosphere. The pictures of sleeping animals with half closed eyes and peaceful smiles encourage a child to get ready for bed.  The soothing colors and friendly illustrations draw any young child to bed.  As a complete package, this book will make the bedtime ritual peaceful and serene.  As a blogger for booklook bloggers I received a copy of this book published by Zonderkidz for the purpose of writing this review.

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