Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just Ask the Universe by Michael Samuels

Just Ask the Universe: A No Nonsense Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams by Michael Samuels, is the first book in a self- improvement trilogy.  The trilogy which includes: Keep Calm and Ask On and The Universe-ity, provides practical advice based on the concept of "The Law of Attraction".  Some readers  may have already been introduced to the idea of  "The Law of Attraction" through Rhonda Byrne's well known book, "The Secret".  Samuels' book, Just Ask the Universe draws upon this concept and expands upon it a a more precise, matter of fact, style of presentation.  He introduces the reader to the spiritual concept of "The Universe" and gives the reader practical advice on how to apply the "Law of Attraction" in order to find success and happiness in life and in achieving goals.  Based on a quasi- scientific explanation that rationalizes the conglomeration of ideas which incorporate the eastern philosophy of Karma, and the telepathic bond the human subconscious mind has with the Universe, Samuels provides  a plausible model in which a person's thoughts and wishes can be transformed into reality.

 To Samuels' credit, he offers clarification early in the book, explaining that the concept of "The Universe" does not represent a deity, nor does it serve as a replacement for God or religious worship.  Rather, Samuels explains that the idea of "The Universe" serves as a distinct entity or concept  that is not mutually exclusive from one's religious or spiritual faith.  In otherwords, for those readers who believe themselves to be Christian, Muslim or Jewish, the author wants to make it clear beyond a doubt, that the ideas presented in this book do not contradict religious belief.  I believe that many readers, even religious readers, will embrace Samuels' apologetic statement with open arms, wanting to justify and reconcile the ideas of the Law of Attraction with their belief systems.  It is not surprising that the author would go out of his way to provide such a statement  given the resurgence of spirituality and bible based faith.  Nevertheless, there will be readers who reject this teaching as contradictory to the spiritual message of the bible and regard it as a gnostic or apocryphal type of teaching with no biblical support. For this reason, this book is separate and distinct from the Christian self help genre- and its believe system may be more consistent with  eastern religious concepts of Karma  as well as the New Age movement.

Nevertheless, the concepts are not necessarily spiritual, but rather secular.  The concept about gratitude and acting by one's morals and conscious are commendable ideas that can only serve to help the individual as well as contribute to making the world a better place.  The idea that life is not nor should be a competition and that there are sufficient resources and gifts available to all is refreshing.  I can see how even the most apathetic and discouraged of readers might find inspiration and empowerment after reading this book.  No matter how depressed one may find himself to be, reading this book will motivate any reader to act to follow his lifelong dreams and goals. This is a unique book that points the reader to find his answers to happiness externally, rather than focusing on his own works.  If you have tried a variety of self help books in the hopes of trying to find the elusive answer that you seek- this book offers a unique solution- and a new direction to take.

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