Thursday, December 31, 2015

The History Major: A Novella by Michael Phillip Cash

With his newest fiction work, The History Major: A Novella Michael Phillip Cash demonstrates his
versatility as an author.  With this psychological piece, it is clear that this talented author is able to entertain his readers across genres beyond horror fiction.  This work is short yet poignant in delivering a message about dreams in which the reader is presented with an eerie reality in which dreams and the subconscious are combined with the supernatural.

Based on a philosophical concept of dreams and their association with the subconscious and its correlation with particular historical events and personalities, Cash develops and expands upon a plausible theory to explain the phenomena experienced by a young college student who finds herself in a distorted alternate reality.

This story weaves elements of authentic historical details to transport the reader across time and space.  Cash actually goes into the mind of historical personalities such as Joan of Arc and Aristotle.  With vivid lifelike description, the reader perceives the thoughts, emotions and sensations of Joan of Arc- a rare experience. The author succeeds in the literary feat of recreating a historical experience from an intimate point of view of a historical personality long gone.  He has a talent for delving deeply into the mindset of historical figures.  Worlds collide as the past and present join. At one point, Amanda, is unsure if she is dead or dreaming as she questions reality and even her very existence. Historical figures represent her own personal conflicts and struggles.  At one point she is face to face with Hitler himself.  At another point in time, she finds herself reunited with her beloved grandmother who had passed away years earlier.  As a reader, I anxiously awaited the resolution- wanting to find out exactly what was going on.  Ironically, Cash leaves the perception of reality up to the reader as he challenges the reader to discover for himself or herself the ultimate truth.  This is a story that will leave me with a lasting impression.  Although I have a Bachelors in History, Cash has portrayed history in a new light, in making historical experiences personal, as a reflection and extension of the subconscious.  For anyone who wants a fast paced story that challenges one to revisit concepts of memory, dreams and their correlation with history, this book is enlightening as well as entertaining.  One thing for sure, next time I pick up a history book- I will be reading history in an entirely new light.

The History Major by Michael Phillip Cash is available on Amazon and Barnes And Noble

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