Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sherri Burgess, Bronner, A Journey to Understanding

I was first introduced to the tragic loss of the Burgess' toddler when it was mentioned briefly in the book, Rick and Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage published in 2009.  Since that moment I wanted to know more about the loss of the child that was too painful for words.  Finally, in the new book, written by Sherri Burgess, Bronner, A Journey to Understanding, we learn about the tragic drowning of their toddler and the faith that pulled them through.

 This is a book I will keep within arm's reach on my end table or bedside or bookshelf as it is a poignant and empowering account that can lead others who may have to journey through their own losses.  Even though I experienced my own stillborn baby in 2011, I cannot automatically say I can imagine the loss of a child to drowning.  The loss of a child under any circumstances is a mother's worst fear. No loss is the same, yet the degree of pain  and loss is unimaginable.  It is incredible how Burgess was able to tell her story in light of God's promises in scripture.  It is as if Sherri Burgess used her grief experience to point others toward the light of truth who are also struggling and  experiencing grief,  in order to get to the path to God. I cannot say enough of this book- this special message disseminated from this grieving woman who must certainly been chosen by God to minister to grieving mothers and grieving fathers.  This is a task not just any one can accomplish.  Even if you are a pastor or have a Master of Theology, I believe especially someone who has walked through the footsteps of child loss can effectively minister the message of hope and faith to another grieving parent.  Sherri Burgess' words are inspired and they are truth.  As a modern day spiritual guide and ministry leader, her words have offered comfort and deepened my faith.
 This book is a treasure to read and re-read.  I've already read it once- straight through and now on my second more deeper reading. It is like a flashlight to help those experiencing in the foggy darkness of  deep grief to navigate their way from disbelief, grief and anger towards a greater faith and peace. For anyone experiencing fresh raw grief of a child loss, whether a car accident, a drowning, cancer or exploitation, or for those with old wounds from the untimely death of a beloved child- this is the book to read.  In a time of grief and loss it is hard to glean all applicable scripture needed for comfort.  Not only has the author scoured the bible for God's promises to the bereaved, she has told her painfully honest story letting the reader know she is not alone in her grief.  I wish that every chaplain, Hospice nurse and pastor had access to this book to give to bereaved parents. Not only that I think anyone facing grief or death can find spiritual encouragement from this book.  Sherri Burgess' book is real spiritual food that can sustain the spirit.  It is just as basic to one's spirit is as bread is for the body.  This book is literally a manifestation of  Proverbs 25:11, a word spoken at the right time.  As a blogger for Litfuse publicity, I received a copy of this book published by New Hope Publishers for the purpose of writing this review.

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