Thursday, May 14, 2015

Life Is ________. By Judah Smith

Life Is ________. By Judah Smith is meant to be "fun... practical.... And it will be a little random". (Smith, 2014 p. xix).  This is an entirely new book by the author of Jesus Is __________.  Find A New Way to be Human written for today's modern generation.  For those readers who don't have a PHD in  theology, and want a down to earth, accessible book on God's purpose for your life, then this is the perfect book.  The colorful minimalist yet modern cover speaks out to a new generation of seekers and believers while incorporating spiritual biblical teaching.   The theme of this book explores four priorities of life that Judah Smith has identified: 1. to be loved and love, 2. trusting God, 3. finding peace with God and yourself and 4. enjoy God.  Using personal anecdotes, as if modern day parables, Smith illustrates how the following points apply in all our lives.  This book introduces both the non believing reader as well as the Christian to a new way of thinking about God and His purpose for us. This book challenges the strongly held traditions and misconceptions about the bible that many people hold onto. 

As the title indicates, the author, a young pastor of a large church, invites the reader to think about life and what it means.  The reader is challenged to fill in the blank with what he or she feels it means.  Additionally, Smith takes the reader on a journey that focuses on the traits of God and how the reality of Jesus as depicted in the bible stands in direct opposition to the myths that society and traditional religions have created. Smith's down to earth analogies bring meaning to the bible.  For example, he compares God's "illogical" life for us to the love we have for a pet. He goes on to discuss God's love for us and sacrifice so that we may have eternal life. The message is not watered down by the modern packaging.  Judah Smith's points are in alignment with scripture but made to be easily assessable with simple stories and simple words. He draws from scripture to apply concepts to the modern day, making the bible relevant to all readers.

The book is divided into several sections based on a specific purpose of Life.  In a personal tone, Smith actually speaks to the reader in easy to understand language that is true to biblical teaching. he combination of biblical accuracy as well as the personal conversational tone is sure to draw in readers of all ages: believers and nonbelivers alike.  In fact, the format of the book encourages the reader to fill in the blanks with his own options as well- as the adjectives listed by Smith are just the beginning of the possibilities. The mnemonic in the beginning is a spring board to aid the reader in understanding the message of the bible, the teaching of sin and of sacrifice and loving one another as God loves us.

As a blogger for booklook I received this book published by Thomas Nelson publishers for the purpose of writing this review.

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