Friday, May 15, 2015

Adams' Chart of History

Adams' Chart of History
the Adams SynChronological Chart or Map of History

Adams' Chart of History or the Adams SynChronological Chart or Map of History, is a replica of a the "Adam's Map of History which is a vintage  time-line of history originally published in 1871. This massive hard cover volume featuring an expansive fold-out chart features detailed, full-color illustrations depicting  historical events starting with Adam and Eve in the bible book of Genesis, all the way to the late 19th century.  This epic volume is a beautiful historical replica which takes the reader back to the 19th century perspective.  More in-depth than a simple text, this book is as virtual reality into the past as you can get.  This physical memento is a window into the 19th century customs, literature and social norms. 
The book opens with an antiqued image of a stylized 19th century depiction of a world globe.  The colors and textures take the reader back to vintage printing and history.  This book is like a history book produced as a wall chart.  Events in secular history as well as biblical history are set side by side chronologically, depicted with illustrations. The book comes with a booklet replica - Key to Adams' Synchronological Chart of Universal History.  This 60 page, authentic replica in cream and sepia accompanies the chart providing background historical information to go with the chart. This book would be perfect for any historian, student, or history professor.  This book would make a beautiful centerpiece in any home library or classroom.  This book deserves to be the focal point in any classroom or library.  It is a work of art, suitable for display in a museum.  If you are looking for a beautiful gift for yourself, a history enthusiast or an authentic learning experience, this book is perfect for you! As a blogger for MasterBooks I received a copy of this book available for purchase at 

Available at New Leaf Press

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